Séminaire de réponse aux crises et de débriefing

Prépare. Répond. Discipline.


Qu'est ce que c'est ?

Get trained in basic counselling & debriefing skills for the purpose of discipling, dealing with challenging team dynamics, debriefing where there are extreme stressors and trauma, and more effectively walking alongside individuals and teams as they process life circumstances.

Aperçu hebdomadaire

Week 1 / Basic Counselling Skills & Debriefing

DR Lois Dodds

Prerequisite / none


Week 2 / Crisis and Trauma Response and Debriefing

Tracey White

Prerequisite / Week 1 or previous counselling training


Week 3 / Medical Response

Dr Susan King

Prerequisite / none

Seminar Coordinator and Counselling Topics Speaker

Amy has served as a missionary with YWAM since 2001. She completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Counselling with the University of the Nations. For the past 5 years, Amy has been leading the Priceless Discipleship Training School, which focuses on issues of injustice such as prostitution and human trafficking. She desires to equip missionaries and ministers to more effectively serve in crisis situations through running this Crisis Response and Debriefing Seminar.

Amy Garis
Coordinatrice de Séminaire JEM Paris Connect

Les invités

Dr. Lois Dodds

President and Director of Heartstream Resources

Served for 23 years with Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Summer Institute of Linguistics

M.A. in education; M.A. in confluent education; Ph.D. in psychology and education

Author of more than ten books and over 100 articles.


Tracey White

Trained at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Paramedic for 35 years.

Senior EMS Instructor for the State of Washington.

34 years lecturing at the University of the Nations in Kona.

Instructor for Crisis Response International.

Responded to international disasters since 1974 including hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, flooding and war.


Dr. Susan King

Consultant Emergency Doctor 

Trained Dietitian

Awarded fellowship in 2012 at the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine

Séminaire de réponse aux crises et de débriefing


600 €
Nourriture, logement et enseignements inclus


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18 novembre 2018

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07 décembre 2018