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YWAM Pordatach DTS French-Spanish Staff Opportunities

YWAM Pordatach

Pordatach is located in the middle of the walnuts tree on the hill of the french department la Drome ; www.pordatach.com
It is a comfortable cottage for group.
Harry and Marielle are old YWAMers. They met on the Anastasis Ship of Youth With A Mission
Martin and Rossy have a ministry among the children and families in Colombia, with Youth in Mission Colombia / Cartagena.
With their two teenagers, they answered the call of God to come a year in France to co-celebrate this school of disciples from January to June 2018.
The other members of the staff will come from Colombia.
You are expected!
God has for you much more than you can even imagine!

DTS Pordatach France

DTS French-Spanish

We invite you from 8 january to 1st of June 2018 to join our Disciple training school in Pordatach, county La Drôme, France.  The training will be in French and Spanish with the participation of YWAM Cartagena (Columbia).

Staff Opportunities

YWAM workers are all "volunteers"in the sense that they receive no salary or any remuneration, in cash or in kind. Each person is responsible for its own funding and its social coverage. We encourage our staff members to be sponsored by their friends, family or church.

A monthly contribution is required from each staff member which engages with YWAM Pordatach, which corresponds to housing and food. For a long-term commitment, it is a good to have done a Disciple Training School.


More informations

In France, YWAM is represented by a federation of associations : Jeunesse En Mission-France (JEM France). Jeunesse En Mission-Pordatach is integral part of JEM France. We are located in the region of « Rhône-Alpes », in a base which is 40min  away from Valence.


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YWAM Pordatach

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