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About the Base

YWAM Paris is creating projects to influence today and tomorrow's people. The YWAM Paris team is a pioneering team, breaking new ground and releasing the future. People with the pioneering, innovative, solution creating spirit flourish within YWAM Paris. Our vision is to work in teams and to build relationships with people, train young leaders, and reach out to those in our neighborhood, Paris and wherever we go.

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Training opportunities

In the future, YWAM Paris hopes to expand training opportunities and schools. Currently, YWAM Paris runs a DTS once a year. YWAM King’s Kids also has a presence in YWAM Paris.

School name

Living the Kingdom DTS

Living the Kingdom DTS anticipates to see the body of Christ coming together as one. We aim to live according to the values of Kingdom God and to radically...

Staff opportunities

YWAM Paris recently enjoyed a growth in staff. As a pioneering base, we continue to seek out people with a heart for Paris, France and the nations, and a desire to live, serve and grow in community. As our staff base grows, our abilities to start new ministries grow as well.

More info

YWAM Paris is an urban base located in the northeast of Paris, a neighbourhood called Belleville. It has one of the highest density of art workshops and artists in Paris, and on our street you will find many different Asian restaurants and shops as well. Because we are an urban base, our staff housing, offices and other locations are spread throughout Belleville.




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