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About The Base

YWAM Biarritz is a community centered around the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. An international and interdenominational group of Christians called by God to be a family that will bring the Gospel of the Kingdom and its transforming power to individuals, families, communities, cities and nations. We have a God-given focus on Biarritz, France, Europe, North Africa, West Africa and the Middle East.

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Training Opportunities

We run 3 different Discipleship Training Schools per year. We also have a huge heart for evangelism and each summer we run a big Summer Outreach where we “learn by doing”. We are also excited about healthcare and have some new things on the horizon! (email us for more info).

School name

Mediterranean DTS

The Mediterranean Sea has always connected continents, cultures, and people. From the Roman and Greek empires to Jesus’ life and Paul’s missionary...

Staff Opportunities

Jesus said, “Go forth into all the world and make disciples of all nations.”? God has a call and a purpose for each one of us. What is yours?

Is God calling you to be a discipler of nations in this region of the world? If you’ve done a DTS and you want to get involved with YWAM for a longer period of time, you are welcome to apply to join us on staff! We are an exciting, young and energetic staff crew and we are committed to bringing God’s purposes to this area of the world. Join us for 2 years on staff and you will learn to lead, be challenged in your walk with God and impact the nations! Weather you want to staff DTS, serve in practical ways or use your gifts and talents to reach out to the city – we’d love to hear from you! Music, sports, arts, drama, food, media, photography – whatever you’re passionate about, you can use it to influence the nations with the power of God.

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Welcome to our beautiful city! Biarritz is located on the edge of the ocean and at the foot of the mountains. From January to December our city is hustling and bustling with festivals, concerts, fireworks, ballets, cultural and sports events. Known as Europe’s surfing capital, Biarritz also lies at the meeting place of three cultures, and presents a blend of the French art of living, the strikingly different Basque culture and the Spanish influence.




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