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What is the Surf and Snow DTS?

We challenge you to submit your passion to the King of Kings. There is a reason why God put a love for adventure and exploring in you. Above and beyond is a part of your normal vocabulary. God was purposeful when he created modern-day explorers. It’s so we could go where other people won’t. That’s what the Surf and Snow DTS is all about.

If you surf, snowboard or ski - come and join us! You will meet with God and if you allow Him, He will transform you. But more than that He will refocus your passion and give you a purpose that goes beyond the sports we so love. A purpose that uses what we love for the sake of those who have never had an opportunity to hear about our kind King.

Lecture Phase

It starts off here in Biarritz with a 12 week lecture phase where we will have visiting speakers from all over the world teaching on a specific topic each week. Alongside lectures the students will be part of worship sessions, prayer times and practical work on the base and in the community. We will also be spending a lot of time together surfing, riding and exploring this corner of the world!

It’s a real life-transforming experience. It’s all about knowing the heart of God and making Him known in the nations. We’re not just looking to learn more head knowledge but to let that knowledge overflow into our lives and let the power of God transform us and those around us.

I’ve known about God my whole life but it was only during my DTS that I discovered how real, close and trustworthy he is. It radically changed my life!

Jordan Turner
Surf and Snow DTS Student from YWAM Biarritz

Outreach Phase

This is followed by a 12 week outreach phase where we will take all that God has done in our lives, our passions and our stories to West Africa and the Middle East to be channels for God’s kindness and truth. We’ll be surfing and snowboarding/skiing as a tool to connect with the local community and build relationship. Embark on a life-transforming adventure with us, take risks, overcome new challenges and step into your calling and potential in God!

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YWAM Biarritz


Incl. lectures, accommodation, food
Bilingual English & French


3rd October, 2020

20th March, 2021

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