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What is the January DTS?

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to life? Have you ever considered what your life would look like if you were living it to it’s full potential? Maybe you need a challenge? Or you want to find healing and encouragement? Doing DTS here is more than just learning about God or the Bible. It’s much more than having an adventure in the Southwest of France. It’s more than French coffee, beaches, waves, mountains, sun, cities and French countryside.

The January Discipleship Training School trains, disciples, equips and mobilizes people into missions. We are committed to facilitate the fulfillment of your vision, dreams and ambitions in the Lord and in the nations of the earth. It is an intensive, residential training course designed to help you understand God more deeply, live more like Jesus and identify your unique gifts and purpose to use in missions. It is all about personal application. We aren’t just collecting knowledge – we are discovering how truth affects the way that we live our lives.

Lecture Phase

It begins with a 12 week lecture phase here in Biarritz. Each week you will have local or international speakers on topics such as Hearing Gods voice, Intercession, Relationships, Father-heart of God and Missions. Along with lectures we also incorporate regular times of worship, prayer, one-on-one discipleship, hands-on serving and weekly outreach into the city.

It’s a real life transforming experience. It’s all about knowing the heart of God and making Him known in the nations. We’re not just looking to learn more head knowledge but to let that knowledge overflow into our lives and let the power of God transform us and those around us.

Discovering the Father-heart of God on DTS really broke down my misconceptions about God; that he is far away and doesn’t listen or answer. Now I’m convinced that God is incredibly relational and He knows me and is close to me!”

Sarah Mott
January DTS student of YWAM Biarritz

Outreach Phase

This is followed by a 12 week outreach phase that will take you to major cities in Europe! We want to see Europe re-impacted and transformed by the power and love of Jesus Christ! London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Prague, Budapest, Marseille are among some of the major hubs of Europe that we have been to on outreach and we want to see these cities come to know their incredible Creator! Bring what you are passionate about and join with us as we reach out to serve and love the nations in Europe. What does God want to do through your talents and your abilities? What does He want to do through your life? Come find out, and join the adventure!

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YWAM Biarritz


Incl. lectures, food & accomodation
Bilingual English & French


7th January, 2018

24th June, 2018

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