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What is a New Generation DTS?

The next DTS in Lyon starts on September, 2020 and ends on March, 2021.

What is a DTS?

A Discipleship Training School is a school to deepen your relationship with God, to learn how to make Him known and to discover the call of God for your life!

A DTS is putting time aside to ask questions and to build your life on a solid foundation. The Disciple Training School in Lyon inparticular is known as an artistic and urban school.

A NEW GENERATION Discipleship Training School?

About 30% of the world’s population is less than 20 years old! Never before in history has the youth made up such a large proportion of the population. This school’s goal is to assemble young and passionate christians who want to know God in a deeper way and to bring the gospel to this generation. In other words, it’s a DTS for young people by young people.

In order to do this, we are going to go through scripture-based training during the first 12 weeks (the Lecture Phase). We are going to live the gospel and learn how to share it. We are also going to develop artistic talents that we can use to share the gospel in innovative ways to the young generation. After the Lecture Phase, we leave for mission in a Francophone country (the Outreach) to share what we learned and received!

Lecture Phase

The Theory Phase is based in Lyon and lasts for 12 weeks. Each week, students will have the opportunity to attend classes touching on a specific spiritual subject.  The courses are each taught by a different speaker who has both knowledge and experience in their specific field of teaching.  Some examples of these weekly topics include: Intimacy with God, The Holy Spirit, The Bible, Hearing the Voice of God, and God´s Calling.

It´s also an opportunity for you to:

  • grow in creative worship and prayer
  • grow in hearing God’s voice
  • take classes in dance, theatre, bolas (‘fire balls’) or rap
  • share in small groups
  • benefit from one-on-one personal support to help you enter into your destiny in Christ
  • experience community life: an ideal setting for making friends from different backgrounds and to develop your own character
  • gain hands on experience in sharing the gospel, particularly in a big-city environment.
Speak the truth even if your voice shakes

of YWAM Lyon

Outreach Phase

Theory without practice leads to good ideas…and nothing else! Our DTS contains 9 weeks of intense, practical experience that we call the ‘Outreach Phase’. This is a time to learn how to evangelize, to serve the local church (in whatever country you are in), and to get involved in humanitarian aid.  At YWAM Lyon, our past Outreach destinations have been: France, Asia and French Islands (the DOM-TOM’s).  Our goal is to build long-term relationships in these places, but different locations are still possible.

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Incl. lectures, food, housing & outreach


26th September, 2020

6th March, 2021

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