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What is the Crossroad DTS?

The multi-generational Discipleship Training School "Crossroad"  is a 5-6 months program, which will bring together a dynamic and attractive group of Christians, with a passion for God and who want to know him better, to share His love to all the nations of the earth.
If you are at a crossroads in your life, if you are seeking God’s will for the future or simply looking to experience a new relationship with your Creator, then this school is a great first step for the next ones which will punctuate your life.

Lecture Phase

Join our school with people of your generation, that are on fire for Jesus, who wish to have a new relationship with God like never before and who have a desire to see more lives transformed through their testimonies.

What you ‘ll find in this school is:

  • How to hear God’s voice
  • Evangelism
  • The character of God
  • Prayer and intercession for the nations
  • Personal times with God
  • The Biblical perspective of the world
  • Missions
  • The Father heart of God
  • The study of the Bible
  • Community life
  • Worship
  • Art in various forms.
I have learned that I need to focus on each day. God doesn’t say worry about tomorrow or focus on the past. He wants us to take each day with Him, with our eyes on the Father. In the end the most important thing is my daily relationship with Him. My daily walk with Him can be the biggest testimony and light!

of YWAM Champagne

Outreach Phase

This training has several objectives…

  • Learn how to serve God and others through evangelism , intercession , mutual aid and other expressions.
  • Understand the biblical truth through the study of the Bible, the work of the Holy Spirit and personal applications.
  • Learning to work together , despite our cultures, our personalities and our very different perspectives.
  • Find out what is the call of God in your life to reach the lost by touching all spheres of society.

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YWAM Champagne


Incl. lectures, food/accomodation & mission: Burkina
Bilingual English & French


17th March, 2019

9th August, 2019

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