Bible Core Course

What does the bible have to say to us today?

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What is the Bible Core Course?

Let the Word speak for itself .

The Bible Core Course is 3 months of focused Bible study that reveals the power of the Word of God to speak to us. This second level YOUTH WITH A MISSION course (successful completion of a DTS is required) equips the students with the tools for life to study the Bible. BCC teaches the inductive study approach.

In 3 months you will read through the Bible.

In this course, attention is also given to learn how to preach and teach from the Bible. There is even teaching on how to lead small group Bible studies. Not only will students be given instruction on these ministry equipping skills, but opportunities to use them during practical sessions.

What would a school be without worship and prayer? The BCC gives room for God to direct and lead these times.

We invite you to do a BCC. It will be a fun time of learning, study and creativity.

Lecture Phase

The inductive approach is:

  • You spend time in His word allowing the Holy Spirit to teach you
  • You set aside preconceived notions and approach the word with a willingness to hear him afresh
  • You learn to interpret the Bible in context (symbols, tough passages, etc)
  • You study the Bible in the historical setting of its original writing
  • You learn to live what the word says by directly applying these principles to your life
  • You learn how to proclaim the truths of the word to others
I learned about the impact of our words. Every little thing that we say can change someones perspective, just change their whole life.

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Different learning styles

Classes incorporate the workshop concept into them daily so that students have a practical means to illustrate what they are learning. Workshops take a variety of forms such as drawing, painting, drama, music, group activities and many more. The creativity of workshops lead to the dynamic edge that distinguishes the BCC from most other Bible schools.

Also, through activities like workshops and other teaching methods, this course adapts itself to different learning styles. Have you ever wondered what times were really like during the New Testamental period? The BCC pays great attention to giving the students a clear understanding of the culture and history of Biblical times. Whether its cultural workshops that give the students a chance to dress like and play the role of Biblical characters or illustrating Jewish or Roman historical society, BCC gets the students involved!

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30th March, 2018

23rd June, 2018

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