“French Touch” Discipleship Training School

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What is a French Touch DTS?

In Lyon from February 21, and ends on August 2, 2020.

What is a DTS?

A Discipleship Training School is a school to deepen your relationship with God, to learn how to make Him known and to discover the call of God for your life!

A DTS is putting time aside to ask questions and to build your life on a solid foundation. This DTS will be focused on artistic expression and creativity in sharing our faith in Lyon and in France. We believe that art is not just a form of entertainment, but it is also a strong and effective voice in bringing truth, beauty, justice, hope and transformation!

Lecture Phase

For 6 months, you will have the opportunity to live and create with people from all over the world, with different talents and backgrounds. You will find inspiration in listening to God, you’ll do open-air shows in the streets of France, you will see your life and others’ lives transformed by God.

Each student will choose one artistic area for the entire duration of the DTS: Street Art and Media, Dance, or Circus (acrobatics, juggling, etc.)!

This training is in French, but do not worry if you are a foreigner! We will translate the first weeks of the DTS to help you. We’ve already had students from 5 continents in the past years!

The first three months of the training will be held in Lyon. During this time, we will be inviting speakers and artists to share on themes like identity, the heart of God, evangelism, the biblical perspective of art, the call of God for our lives, and many more.

Every morning, we will have teaching and times of worship. The afternoons will be dedicated to artistic development and evangelism in the city.

Speak the truth even if your voice shakes

of YWAM Lyon

Outreach Phase

We will then leave for a missions trip from mid-June to August in France and/or Europe to share the Gospel putting into practice what we have learned. We will participate in festivals and evangelism camps.

If your heart beats for those who do not know God yet, if you love art and you are motivated to learn, if you want to grow in your faith, and you want to get trained, this training is for you! No need to be a professional artist or evangelist to enrol in this school!

We want the Gospel to be accessible to everyone and not only to a certain category of people. Doing or performing art in the streets allows us to be in contact with very different people and share joy, peace, and thoughts on subjects that are important for our society. Our conversations with people are more spontaneous and authentic. We will meet our neighbours with simplicity and the love of God.

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Incl. lectures, food, housing & outreach
Bilingual English & French


21st February, 2020

2nd August, 2020

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