Nesting and training the eagles

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What is the WIP - school

5 April - 29 Juin 2019 .  See people established in the prophetic. :

WIP stands for

. ..... W = worship...
...   ....I = intercession
.....  ..P = prophetic..

....   Worship and intercession are foundational for growing in the prophetic. So, that foundation needs to be solid and established at the same time as people grow in the prophetic. We cannot seperate the 3. Thus said, we want to see prophetic people develop their gifting and go into their destiny, becoming mature in their calling, not being tossed to and fro by all that hinders coming into fullness

More details of the school and internship

We propose a school and intership of 3 month from 5th of April 2019 to 29 of June 2019, as this will take time to see a transformation and build a new solide foundation.

We also propose and encourage the students to stay on in a community of worship, intercession and the prophetic for 2019 with ministry trips that is scheduled. Or people can join just for the ministry trips. All this is to reenforce the the WIP in the lives of the students.

There will be a week of teaching every month from a mature christian in their field.

The staff will also give some teaching as we move ahead.

There will be a lot of time set apart to practise the WIP at the center and locally, but

there will be several trips abroad for this purpose as well, and other initiative planned or as the Spirit speaks at the moment.

The Cevennes - the eagles' nest
YWAM-Cevennes YWAM Cévennes

Cost - ? - How we function

Costs and how we function :


The costs of the 3 months are not set.

Lodging : approx 150€/month

This is privat lodgings in the houses . So, this will be payed directly to the owners on a monthly basis.

Food : approx 150€/month

The students will buy and make their own food. If they go to restaurants the price will be higher than when they come together to make their food in the kitchens available, which we encourage.

Speakers : approx 50€ + offerings/month

There are expenses to cover for the teachers travel. That will be variable depending of where they come from, but we've put up € 50,-pr.student.

In France we are not allowed to pay the teachers for what they are teaching. So, we will give them an offering. The offerings will come directly from the students and not go through our accounts.

People will be free to give what they want, but we propose € 10,- pr.day pr.student.That will make € 50,- for 5 days teaching.(and € 80,- for 8 days of teaching).

Registration fee and local travel: € 200,-
The local travel will be for the car expenses when we travel for prayer in the mountains.

Travels : approx 250€/month

There will be several travels, probably all within Europe. It depends if we get some good deals on the low-cost companies and where we go. So this estimation can vary a lot. There will be more for lodgings and the food during the travels as we might need to go more often to restaurants as it's not sure we will have a kitchen available. It will be more some months and less other months.

Costs pr.month :

lodging : € 150,-

food : € 150,-

expenses of the teachers : € 50,-

registration fee nd local travel : € 67,-

travels : € 250,-

Extra lodging and food during travels : € 150,-


Total pr.month : about € 800,-

Total for 3 months : about € 2400,-

€200,- as an account before March 15, 2019

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YWAM Cévennes


See how we function for the costs above


5th April, 2019

29th June, 2019

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