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What is the Footballers DTS

Football (Soccer) is the unspoken language of the world. Our focus is to use this avenue in seeing the Kingdom of God cultivated in the hearts and minds of ourselves and those whom we come in contact with. This DTS is an opportunity to know God and make God known by using the beautiful game that we love within the urban setting.

Lecture Phase

The Discipleship Training School begins with 12 weeks of actively encountering God personally. Each week we have a different speaker from around the world come to our base in Biarritz and bring in-depth teaching on topics such as Hearing the Voice of God, Character and Nature of God, Lordship of Christ, and Evangelism. During the lecture phase, we also take part in times of prayer, worship, individual mentorship, and serving the community that we are apart of.

While the main focus of the lecture phase is pursuing our relationship with God, much time will be spent growing in & enjoying Football. We hope to build our skills together through training while gaining a greater understanding of God’s vision for sport and mission.

DTS was an incredible time that revolutionised my view of who God is, and who I am. As a footballer, I know this wonderful sport is a perfect platform to bring people together and I believe God wants to use sports as an evangelistic tool to bring truth into people’s lives and demonstrate what real community looks like. Be a part of this incredible opportunity, you won’t regret it.!

David O’Connor
DTS from YWAM Biarritz

Outreach Phase

The second half of the school is where we put all we have experienced with God into practice. For 11 weeks, we will seek to impact urban areas through representing and imparting the culture of the Kingdom of God. We will take to the streets and create an atmosphere where God’s values are displayed in and through our lives, on and off the court. 

While using football as our basis of interaction, we have a platform to share the gospel.

Although we have a focus for large urban areas within our continent, the impact and importance of football is not exclusive to Europe, which is why the outreach phase may also reach out to North and West Africa and/or the Middle East.

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YWAM Biarritz


Incl. lectures, food & accomodation
Bilingual English & French


7th January, 2018

24th June, 2018

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