Dreams and visions

Enter the waking visions, images and their interpretation.

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During these days there will be lessons but also in practice. A balance that will allow us to understand:

- What is our sphere of authority, revealed through dreams and visions.
- We will also discover the symbolic language of God and thus how to develop our respective languages our intimacy with Him.
- We also understand how the government of God through dreams and shaping our characters for his service.
And many other things we will discover ...
We spend well on these things in the crucible of the Word of God.
 "The glory of God is to conceal a thing; The glory of kings is to search things "Proverbs 25: 2.
God invites us into his secret world and even if we all come with a different understanding we enter God's secret.
We also have the opportunity to share recent dreams we have made. As is often the dreams are quite intimate, a significant level of confidentiality will be required and possibly shared with your permission.
Following our seminaries and schools and dreams or visions of everyone, we have had testimonies of healings, deliverances, the revealed ministries and warning to the nations.
We also try to understand how to discern if a dream is from God or not.

The speaker

Anne Griffith: I am a native of northern England and Alwyn married for 38 years. We have four children and seven grandchildren. We have a small meeting in Gateshead where we train people in intercession, worship, spiritual warfare, prophecy, intimacy with the Lord, deliverance and healing.

I received a prophetic call to the nations there are twelve years and I finally quit my job as a language teacher to get involved with the Lord.

I like to see people stand up in their calling, their destiny to help nations get up and take their unique place for the Lord. I think we live in difficult times but privileged when the Lord makes a very special anointing to help us with this task.

I love Israel. I love my family, my garden, my animals, hiking and mountain climbing. And I love when all colors of the Body of Christ come together to worship and prophesy together.

  welcoming participants will be Friday from 5:30 p.m. followed the first meeting (presentation, introduction) at 8:15 p.m..
The seminar will end on Monday with dinner at 12:30

Le Gault Soigny YWAM Champagne

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Seminar given in French only

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5th May, 2017

8th May, 2017

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