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Who is this camp?

This camp is for families, couples and singles who want to enjoy a time of relaxation and spiritual healing, all in communion and fraternal exchange.

A word about the speaker

Marie-Therese Courtet has a teaching ministry for many years with the aim to generate life principles of the scriptures and apply them to our lives to transform - healings and deliverances then bear witness to the manifest power of God to work through his mind.

A Masters in Biblical Council and Relationship Help with the United Nations University, is the author of several books including "the Desert, a School Listening to God's" Growing Up and Reaching Maturity with God "...

Welcoming participantsThe reception will be on Monday between 6:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. ET, followed by dinner and the first meeting 20H30. The camp will end on Sunday after lunch 24:30A progamme will be provided for children during teaching time.Limited seats: possibility to come with your caravan or tent on the property of YWAM or stay in hotels and cottages of the area (Montmirail, Sézanne Esternay ...).

Summer camp
Summer camp YWAM Champagne

free and spiritual time will be divided ...:

- In the morning, teaching on how to better know the divine absolute and apply them to our lives to release the power of God in us and through us. Awareness - how the abandonment of Christian values in society affects us - repentance, release and discernment will flow in, essential ingredients to achieve maturity "to the measure of the full stature of Christ" (Eph.4: 13) .

At the end of Day, Bible sharing on how to bless God the Father through our praise and adoration, followed by celebration of his time listening (altar of worship).



YWAM Champagne


+ 50 € de frais de réservation avant le 31 mai


7th August, 2017

13th August, 2017

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