Disciple training school France Colombia

"A Bridge for Nations" in French and Spanish What you always wanted to know about yourself and God! God give you an appointment for this experience of 5 months

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What if it change your life ! God has for you much more than you can even imagine!

Colombia is a country that lives a real spiritual awakening. The young people who will come to share this school with you have stories to tell and how they see God acting in their country!

The year 2017 has been declared officially France Colombia year!

God has made it in our heart to also create a partnership between students from these two countries!

The school will be in French and Spanish (everything will be translated in both languages) The opportunity for you to improve your language skills !!

Have you ever tasted Colombian cuisine, danced to Colombian music? ...We will discuss the two cultures, learn to decipher them and pray for our countries. Together, we want to understand God's plan for countries and cultures.This school will be a bridge for the nations.

Lecture Phase

from 8th january to 30 of march 2018

Pordatach is located in the middle of the walnuts tree on the hill of the french department la Drome: www.pordatach
Harry and I used to be part of YWAM. We met on the Anastasis boat. For the last 15 years we have a residence for group in the french department named la drôme.
Martin et Rossy Morales, have a family and children ministry in colombia :
With there two children They receive from God the idea to create a disciple training school cross cultural  French-Colombia in our residence for this year. You are expected !

f YWAM Pordatach

Outreach phase

Destination to be determinated

from 31 of march to 1st of june 2018

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YWAM Pordatach


Incl. lectures, food, housing.


8th January, 2018

1st June, 2018

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