Awaken DTS

Because Faith is to be Awake.

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We want to be part of what God is doing, see a great awakening in the French-speaking world and bring the Kingdom of God through our passions and the beautiful French language. The French language is among the top 10 of the most widely spoken languages worldwide with an estimated 274 million speakers and the official language in 29 different nations. This DTS is a perfect opportunity to know God and make God known, while being immersed in the French language.


The DTS starts off in the beautiful city of Biarritz and for 12 weeks we have speakers from all over the world coming to speak on various subjects such as Hearing the Voice of God, Character and Nature of God, Lordship of Christ, and Evangelism.
You don’t speak French? Worry no more, because the first 3 weeks of the school will be translated for you for an easier transition. The rest of the school will be entirely in French with a few exceptions.

During the lecture phase you will also be part of our daily family-like base schedule. We have times of Worship, Intercession and Evangelism all together and you will be part of serving the community here.

It’s all about knowing God, making him known and in the midst of that getting to know who you are and what you’ve been created to do.


. YWAM Biarritz


Then you will be traveling in France, Africa and anywhere God calls us to go for 11 weeks. Outreach is the time to take God’s Word to the nations and the heart of this school targets the French-speaking world with our desire to serve and to make God known. We want to use the French language as well as our passions for music, football, translation, sports and whatever your heart beats for, so God can use it to transform the nations. The outreach phase is a time of serving and getting out of our comfort zone. Get ready to come back from outreach with amazing stories of the incredible faithfulness of God!

Awaken DTS


YWAM Biarritz


Registration: 30 Lecture: 2790 Outreach: 2500


5th April, 2020

18th September, 2020

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