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The Mediterranean Sea has always connected continents, cultures, and people. From the Roman and Greek empires to Jesus’ life and Paul’s missionary journeys, this region has greatly influenced the course of history. Between the diverse cultures of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, there is a lot to learn about hospitality and the value of family. We want to see what it looks like when God combines your unique dreams and giftings with what He is doing in this region.


These first 12 weeks here in Biarritz are all about getting to know who God is and who you are in Him. We have speakers visiting from all over the world covering a specific topic each week. Some examples are ‘Hearing the voice of God’, ‘Nature and Character of God’, ‘Relationships,’ and ‘Missions’. As a student you´ll experience much more than the classroom: We are a group of people that values celebration, food and fellowship. We will live in community, share meals and work together. As a family we will have regular times of worship and intercessory prayer.

Stories of hope: we will weekly call different long-term workers. That way we get first hand information on what the needs are in their nation. We will also use this time to encourage them and pray for them. We know that God cares so much for every individual that we will encounter around the Mediterranean. Knowing a couple of words in the local language will go a long way. We will find fun ways to learn some basic Arabic and other local languages in order to be prepared for the second phase of the school.

Dedicating six months of my life solely to God and the work He wanted to do in my life was the best decision I have ever made. Now I have a firm foundation, built of revelation and relationship with God, to stand on for the rest of my life.

Luke YWAM Biarritz

Outreach phase

‘Outreach’ is when we put into practice what we have learned and it’s always a big adventure. During these 11 weeks you will be traveling with a small team to different locations around the Mediterranean Sea. We will visit people in their homes, building friendships and embracing new cultural experiences. We will serve churches and the local communities, seeking to establish long-lasting relationships.

The 21 nations around the Mediterranean hold some of the world’s most unreached people groups. Many have lived in poverty and broken relationships for centuries. Recently, millions of people have been displaced and are working to start their lives over again. Instead of being overwhelmed, we want to take this challenge head on and find out how we can love these people. You might find yourself in a refugee camp in Greece or the Middle East, helping out in an orphanage in North Africa, or sharing what God has done in your life in the streets of Rome or Marseille. Our big goal is to share God’s love with people wherever we are.



YWAM Biarritz


Incl. lectures, food & accomodation - Registration 30€


7th April, 2019

20th September, 2019

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