Paris Je t Aime

We invite you to come and join us for two weeks of urban missions in Paris.

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What is Paris je t'aime

Paris I love you is an outreach event of the Summer of Service that desires to love on the city of Paris. Church in the heart of the world, with the help of the Church of God and the Church of God.

The Program

Mornings: We’ll begin the day with prayer, worship, and hearing from one of our speakers

Afternoons: After lunch together, we’ll break into groups and go into different parts of the city to be a part of ministry streams

Evenings: We’ll all gather in the city in the evening for evangelism and an open-air, including live performances from musicians, dancers, and other artists

Having the opportunity to be a part of such a powerful movement by god in paris was such an incredible experience! Because of Paris Je t’Aime, I truly have a new perspective and love for this beautiful city and especially for its people. I will never forget it.

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Expand your summer

While you're in western Europe why not join Regeneration in Montruex, Switzerland - The Montreux Jazz Festival brings together professional musicians from around the world. Alongside the festival are opportunities to share the truth of Jesus with the crowds who assemble, through performances of music and dance, children 's ministries, Bible distribution, sharing testimonies, talking one on one and praying.


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inc: food, accommodation and seminar
English and French


15th July, 2019

28th July, 2019

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