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Hungry and desperate? Eager to explore to the ends of the earth? Wherever the Lord calls – to the deserts of the African plain, the mountains of the Middle East, along coasts, and through valleys. By bike, by foot, by car, bus or plane, over the water or on the mountain – any means that makes you go forward.

Ready for the adventure with God?

Great for those who love being active, exploring nature and outdoor sports.

Lecture Phase

Experience transforming goodness. Go deep, go wide, go high, go far. Learn godly character. Pursue God wholeheartedly. Three months of intense teaching, extraordinary community life, regular times of worship and intercession and consistent one-on-one discipleship.

We want to combine all of this with outdoor sports to grow our passion and love for God and experience His great power and love in the adventures of discovery we will go on. Whether it will be camping outside, climbing rocks, going on trips to explore – our heart is to expand your vision of who God is and who you are.

“Identity – God is teaching me how valuable and loved I am by Him. He is transforming my thinking in what He thinks about me and how completely accepted I am by Him.”

Lynne Jones, Student YWAM Biarritz

Outreach Phase

“As God has sent me, I am sending you” John 20:21

We will take what we learned on a trip for about three months into nations in Southern Europe, the Middle East, and/or North Africa.

You have something to give!

What Jesus has done in your life is immense and worth being shared because people need to know. As we have built community during lecture phase, our goal is to see and bring God’s heart wherever we go and reach other communities.

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YWAM Biarritz


Registration: 30 Lecture: 2790 Outreach: 2500
English, French


5th January, 2020

19th June, 2020

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