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What is the French School?

Come spend 3 months at YWAM Provence to improve your French and to serve God in a French speaking environment.

We invite you to 1 month of classes followed by 2 months of immersion.

This school will reflect the vision of our YWAM base, tapping into God's heart for North Africa and the nations. We will have a number of activities, like worship times, intercession, small group sharing and life in community.

Part 1

The program will be composed of 2 hours of course time per day that will be based on your level of the language. The classes will be given by native French speakers who will use a variety of creative methods. The rest of the day will include personal study time, practical work in teams while speaking French and small discussion groups. Along with this you will be given the opportunity to visit several French families.

" With languages you are at home anywhere"

Edmud De Waal
Artist YWAM Provence

Part 2

In this part you will be connected with different associations in our pretty village of Saint Paul Trois Chateaux. Here, according to your gifts and talents you will be serving in practical ways with French speakers. You will also be given the opportunity to connect with a local church or home group and to integrate more personally with a French family, while continuing to live certain activities in parallel with the Foundations for Intercultural Studies.

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This include the training, meals, and lodging


16th January, 2022

8th April, 2022

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